Twitter: @ewenmcneill -- February 2020

Fri Jan 31 22:08:48 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @pjf

To be fair Brexit has had quite a bit of coverage over the multiple “almost left, maybe next time” stumbles in 2019...

... so I kind of understand how the “climatic date” is being treated as a bit “meh” 🤔

Sat Feb 01 00:13:29 +0000 2020 (#)

Signs you’re getting old, part N: every decade in a museum exhibit is one you lived through 😢

Canterbury Museum, Christchurch, New Zealand

Sat Feb 01 01:04:30 +0000 2020 (#)

Things are conspicuous in their absence...

Christchurch Art Gallery, Christchurch, New Zealand

Sat Feb 01 01:35:31 +0000 2020 (#)

Gre3n Superfood & Juice Bar, The Crossing, Cashel St, Christchurch CBD

Sat Feb 01 01:49:27 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @pjf

I’m now wondering if there’s a “cloud of the day” feed I can follow with both fantastic photography and the science behind that cloud formation in one place... 🤔

Sun Feb 02 09:26:42 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @pjf

I’m disappointed to find out that the fish did not end up more like sprites...

... possibly that’s another link that is yet to be rediscovered?! 😂

Sun Feb 02 23:12:09 +0000 2020 (#)

Fun listen on the flight back from #nznog: On The Metal podcast episode about accidentally starting an Internet Exchange because you’re friends with the people in the 6 adjacent racks, then your colo starts recommending it to their other customers.... 😃

Mon Feb 03 00:22:48 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @minxdragon: This is an incredible conceptual piece. I'm really taken with the simplicity and the inherent message about adversarial AI…

Mon Feb 03 03:53:56 +0000 2020 (#)

Mid “summer” in Wellington, New Zealand. At 200m above sea level.

There are supposed to be hills in the background, including Mt Kaukau at 450m. It’s just been invisible, for days 😢

(Partly visible houses are at maybe 250m ASL, about 400m away.)

Mon Feb 03 07:55:54 +0000 2020 (#)

Logging into N slack servers periodically to “check for new messages” feels very similar to dialing into 1980s BBSes one at a time to check for new messages...

... I guess at least there are fewer busy signals this way?

So that’s progress in 30+ years!🤔

Mon Feb 03 08:00:36 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @ewenmcneill

I still miss mid 1990s UseNet, when it was actively used for discussing everything in one place and wasn’t drowned in spam then abandoned.

Lots of the UseNet readability features (eg trn) have never been properly recreated. Eg, space bar handling, or kill files/thread junking.

Mon Feb 03 22:34:59 +0000 2020 (#)

Workaround for DellEMC S5248F “download only” firmware upgrade staging process:

scp FILE switch:/var/tmp image download scp://USER:PASS@switchIP/var/tmp/FILE wait show image status dir image system “rm /var/tmp/FILE”

(/var/os10-image is root writeable only)


Mon Feb 03 22:38:35 +0000 2020 (#)

Dear switch/router vendors: I always want to upload firmware updates, not download them from some random location.

Please make upload to a location you can install from easy.

(Juniper gets this right, and most other switches are at least better than Dell Networking OS10)

Mon Feb 03 22:42:40 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @ewenmcneill

Also, please stop recommending users install a TFTP client on their desktop to download the firmware upgrade from.

TFTP is not the right transfer protocol (use sftp, scp, or https), their desktop shouldn’t be on the switch management LAN, and they should be uploading the file.

Mon Feb 03 23:40:30 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @hroethgar

Sadly I think that describes “enterprise” anything — there are rough edges because the UX hasn’t been worn smooth by thousands of helpdesk calls :-(

Mon Feb 03 23:45:45 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @aenertia and @hroethgar

Yes, except I always want to push to core infrastructure (not pull into it from remote source) unless it’s already network booting.

(Ironically those switches are Debian userland underneath; I could understand download only if it was an apt repo 😃

But it isn’t 😢)

Tue Feb 04 00:12:57 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @hroethgar

Value add!

Tue Feb 04 01:17:29 +0000 2020 (#)

If you upgrade a DellEMC S5248F with custom VLT certificates, after upgrade it uses the default certificates again. And claims the VLT peering is up, but “VLT peer failed to start an election” and VLT doesn’t actually work. 🤦🏻‍♂️

So that’s how my afternoon is going.

Tue Feb 04 01:19:08 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @ewenmcneill

To fix:

no cluster security-profile cluster security-profile NAME

Then shut all VLT interconnects and no shut them to force stunnel restart.

Tue Feb 04 01:20:43 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @ewenmcneill

Fortunately this was on a preproduction cluster. But it’s already interconnected to a bunch of production switches because it’s due in production soon.

Tue Feb 04 05:25:20 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @pjf

If you have enough rounds of voting you can Democratically Get The Result You Want.

(For some values of “democratically”, “result”, and “want”.)

It’s kind of like anti-proportional representation 😃

Tue Feb 04 05:27:25 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @RealSexyCyborg: Having a self-replicating biological 3D printer embedded in your pelvis is cyberpunk as fuck tho😎

I can actually manuf…

Tue Feb 04 19:19:30 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @gguuss: Production Instructor: Your sub is muffling the drums, did you set up a sidechain? Me: I'm already using midi with gatekeeper o…

Tue Feb 04 22:22:57 +0000 2020 (#)

@jillrouleau A Weta came to visit me this morning, walking down my passage, and I thought of you :-)

(Paper from its “magic carpet” trip outside. They’re not fond of being picked up! They don’t often come inside, but it’s been unsummer like here recently....)

Wed Feb 05 04:55:02 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @karenxcheng: When you wanna get the shot but still save money

Wed Feb 05 06:55:51 +0000 2020 (#)

TIL the ASR 33 Teletype has a mechanical implementation of the XON/XOFF flow control protocol, that can start/stop its paper tape reader remotely!

(Part 9 of a fun video series if you like electromechanical/early computer hardware.)

Wed Feb 05 20:19:28 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @AkiyoshiKitaoka: Differences in perceived speed

Wed Feb 05 23:33:36 +0000 2020 (#)

Fascinating detailed video on fabs Yamaha used to make their chips, how they were marked, plastic artifacts, etc, and how to detect modern remarked versions of them.

It’s intriguing how distinct details of chip packaging in 1980s was depending on the fab.

Fri Feb 07 00:00:23 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @tveastman: In addition to this, your election system cannot be trusted unless you can explain HOW it can be trusted to someone who does…

Fri Feb 07 04:35:41 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @pjf and @Aethylred

I feel chronic depression is a cumulative thing: the things you mention (winter, estate, etc) are contributing factors, and fixing individual helps reduce the compounding effect. But just fixing those things won’t make life “better” overnight.

Fri Feb 07 04:39:05 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @pjf and @Aethylred

At least for me, “better” is a combination of addressing known contributions to depression (stemming the tide) and enough time to experience things going well that the fog of depression slowly lifts.

Fri Feb 07 04:41:47 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @pjf and @Aethylred

Throughout I’ve found it essential to hang on to the belief “it won’t always be like this” and keep doing things that reduce stress, including working on todo items that need to be done, and parking todo items that genuinely can wait for calmer times.

Fri Feb 07 04:44:17 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @pjf

And yes, for things on the todo list for ages, they often feel worse in anticipation than actually doing them. So that’s important to remember too for things that “feel impossible”: they’re probably merely hard, not impossible.

Thinking of you 💚💜💙❤️

Fri Feb 07 04:47:51 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @Aethylred and @pjf

One of the common effects of chronic depression is “flatness”: emotion is muted, and temporary at most. Which includes bad things not feeling “acutely” bad; their sharpness is blunted somehow.

I agree with @pjf that grief and chronic depression feel very different.

Fri Feb 07 05:03:11 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @Aethylred and @pjf

I don’t know if this analogy helps, but it does mirror my experience somewhat: acute grief, without depression, fees like being under a waterfall: overwhelming at the time, but you can remember there’s a way out.


Fri Feb 07 05:06:25 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @Aethylred and @pjf

Chronic depression feels like a fog in all directions, extending forever. Everything is muted, barely visible. Moving in any direction doesn’t seem to help. After a while it’s hard to remember there was ever a world that could wasn’t covered in endless fog.


Fri Feb 07 05:10:13 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @Aethylred

Sigh: both those tweets have typos in them. Hopefully the general idea is clear anyway :-)

Fri Feb 07 06:32:41 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @ewenmcneill

Via playlist on “fake” chips video creator I found “X-Ray Tips and Tricks — Counterfeit Detection” which has lots of examples of counterfeit components and what they look like inside. Intriguing complement to “fake” chips video which focuses on outside.

Fri Feb 07 06:33:02 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @esden: @ktemkin @kernlbob @tnt @squarewavedot @1bitsquared And as always never forget to thank and support the amazing people that made…

Sat Feb 08 08:53:04 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @jillrouleau

“Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.”

I’m still hopeful it doesn’t result in planeloads of refugees flying in the opposite direction from 80 years ago... but worried.

(Hope your citizenship applications get approved; having options is good!)

Sat Feb 08 21:27:42 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @jillrouleau

Yes, I think it’s always difficult when the political climate around an otherwise lovely location changes and makes staying there untenable :-(

Having options unfortunately seems to be essential in the 21st century....

Sat Feb 08 22:56:17 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @mikamckinnon: Sound on. Very, very cool science in play.

Sat Feb 08 23:51:57 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @blueicehiggins: What does a 9 inch ice core sound like when dropped down a 450 foot hole? Like this! Credit to @peter_neff for the idea…

Sun Feb 09 00:39:10 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @FioraAeterna: burnout isn't caused by doing what you desire until it destroys you

it's caused by losing touch with your desires, so yo…

Sun Feb 09 04:03:41 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @atankanow: @cocoaphony @stuarthalloway's "Debugging with the Scientific Method" is a must watch on debugging.

My favorite line: "Not w…

Sun Feb 09 04:03:49 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @cocoaphony: Periodic Reminder: When debugging, you must first accept that something you believe is true is not true. If everything you…

Mon Feb 10 05:09:25 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @ExcitedLeigh

Not necessarily: you could teach us more about front end web dev and then we’d follow along with more detail 😃

Yes it’s a bit “explain the joke”, but for a good cause!

(I think I guessed the general idea of the joke, but my front end experience stopped with early CSS...)

Mon Feb 10 08:58:47 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @ExcitedLeigh

Thanks! 💚❤️💜

That explains the syntax bit I was guessing at: the “override” by making a new entity with a mixin new value.

What’s “immutable” at one level can always be changed at another level :-)

Mon Feb 10 09:51:00 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @ExcitedLeigh

See also left handedness, which “suddenly” seemed more common a few generations ago when those who are, were no longer forced to pretend they preferred to write with their “right” hand....

Awareness and acceptance are catalysts. Not “the cause”, but influences on the timing.

Mon Feb 10 10:16:02 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @baloose and @mjg59

Educated guess: the switch’s handling of Ethernet broadcast was broken. IPv4 relies on Ethernet broadcast for ARP; off the top of my head I don’t think IPv6 uses Ethernet broadcast at all (there’s a bunch of Multicast groups instead).

Tue Feb 11 02:49:22 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @kawaiiconNZ: We are where all good origin stories begin.

KAWAIICON 2020, Nov 6-7. Same town, same place. Deets soon (once we awake fro…

Tue Feb 11 02:52:36 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @merxplat

Worrying, unless you’re looking for a PhD topic... :-)

Tue Feb 11 08:11:06 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @tveastman: Using password brute-forcing algorithms to mass generate every possible melody to troll copyright lawyers.…

Tue Feb 11 08:27:26 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @tveastman

Seems they’ve put them in the public domain. I kind of wish they’d kept the copyright and licensed it, perhaps with a copyleft license....

Very cool performance art hack though 😃

Wed Feb 12 00:51:33 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @zantedotnz: Reminder: The next Hardware Hacking NZ meetup for Wellington based hardware hackers is TONIGHT at 6pm! Details at https://t…

Wed Feb 12 00:57:39 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @ExcitedLeigh

Did GitLab accept that as a bug? Because it seems like a UX bug to me 😢

(People’s names change all the time, for lots of reasons; including eg just no longer liking the long/shortened version of their name.)

Wed Feb 12 01:03:50 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @minxdragon

Day one DLC: all the cool kids have been doing it for years 😃

Wed Feb 12 01:06:08 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @minxdragon

As best I can recall the movie storyline was pretty close to the stage musical storyline.... it’s a musical, it’s not really about the story.

Maybe people have just forgotten what musicals are like these days?!

Wed Feb 12 01:07:40 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @Gurdur: I rather like this.

Wed Feb 12 23:58:24 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @stshank: I'm now on @FirefoxNightly 75, and for the first time got a popup trying to explain the use of DOH (DNS over HTTPS). There's a…

Thu Feb 13 04:50:17 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @ireneista: I feel young people in software engineering need to hear this more often: Take repetitive stress injury (RSI) seriously. It'…

Thu Feb 13 05:35:51 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @QwertyEmbedded: In collaboration with @GregDavill and @groupgetscom, I am preparing a campaign for the most excellent OrangeCrab. Launc…

Fri Feb 14 04:44:25 +0000 2020 (#)

“Brown; colour is weird” (Color without the “u” is weirder still 😃)

A particularly fun edition of Technology Connections!

Fri Feb 14 05:27:04 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @minxdragon

Your classifier got fixated on a single image? There’s something very... human about that!

Fri Feb 14 07:05:41 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @Foone: So the latest Technology Connections video is out and it's about the color brown, and it's very neat and interesting and you sho…

Fri Feb 14 08:52:58 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @ktemkin

First expansion, on 8-bit computer, was 256kB (bank switched expansion).

First expansion for Intel CPU PC I think would have been 1MB; but I built bunch of PC clones from parts with that or less total RAM first.

(Most needed was 4MB extra so C++ compiling fit in RAM! 😃)

Sat Feb 15 04:09:47 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @whitequark: I've released nMigen 0.2! The most notable improvement is that the built-in HDL simulator is now 6× faster because it compi…

Tue Feb 18 05:42:44 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @ExcitedLeigh: In my experience, a good way to develop humility and an appreciation of the skills of others is to dive in head first on…

Tue Feb 18 05:54:14 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @IanColdwater: If a woman doing something fills you with a greater level of rage than it would if a man did the same thing, it is worth…

Tue Feb 18 07:32:16 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @__fincham

1-2 day delay on audit events sounds very “end of month reconciliation” batch processing.... not exactly the hyper connected future we were promised 🤔

Tue Feb 18 22:59:52 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @tveastman: I'm not worried about artificial intelligence being GOOD. I'm worried about it being BAD while still being used to get searc…

Wed Feb 19 08:58:36 +0000 2020 (#)

@ThisWeekinPhoto sending repeated marketing junk to addresses that unsubscribed years ago is very poor behaviour.

3 copies of the same junk so far today, two to same email address arriving in the same minute.

Is spam what passes for “online marketing” these days?! 😡

Wed Feb 19 21:44:44 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @unixbigot: Woot Mx 18 found my lost Fomu that I got from @mithro at #lca2020. Then I had to explain to Mx 18 what an FPGA is. I knew…

Wed Feb 19 21:47:48 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @tveastman: Increasing this number is probably a pretty good architecture KPI.

Wed Feb 19 21:48:17 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @IanColdwater: I have been both an ops person and a security person and ops people think security people are scary, but absolutely no on…

Wed Feb 19 21:53:59 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @hroethgar

If you squint at it, the network stacks of virtualised machines running under a hypervisor are pretty much user space networking... Just saying 😃

Wed Feb 19 22:47:23 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @amyherself and @aurynn

I too would suggest looking into yoga, pilates, and other similar “minimal equipment” exercise styles that you could do anywhere. Depending on what kinda “buff” you want they might do it or let you do “gym things” fewer days for same results.

Wed Feb 19 22:49:58 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @amyherself and @aurynn

I say this (⬆️) as someone highly avoidant of gyms (for somewhat similar reasons) who found yoga quite useful for body tone. (Western) yoga can be done yin or yang, depending on what you want to achieve.

Thu Feb 20 05:40:13 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @ExcitedLeigh

Worker stops as in exits with out finishing (eg crash)? Would auto ROLLBACK cause a new NOTIFY to be auto triggered?

Worker stops as in deadlock/livelock? Not sure how to handle that other than, eg worker maximum run-time between polling (eg keepalive).

Thu Feb 20 07:44:52 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @ExcitedLeigh

That’s unfortunate; I wonder if PostgreSQL would take a change allowing “NOTIFY me if another connection closes unexpectedly” for clustering cases like this? 🤔

Fri Feb 21 00:38:50 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @minxdragon: Very few people need to actually know your gender, and even fewer need to know what doctors thought you were when you were…

Fri Feb 21 08:13:17 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @HaggardHawks: A RASTRUM is a multi-nibbed pen used to draw the five lines of a musical stave simultaneously. It literally means ‘rake’…

Sat Feb 22 01:45:09 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @gamozolabs: My Vectorized Emulation talk from Recon (and all other Recon 2019 talks) are up on YouTube!

Sat Feb 22 02:02:02 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @merxplat

Is that the “PR welcome” of sustainability reporting? 😃

Sat Feb 22 03:24:27 +0000 2020 (#)

Classic Game Postmortem: Lemmings (Game Developer Conference 2019)

Fun to hear behind the scenes of a 1990s cult game series.

Sun Feb 23 04:10:47 +0000 2020 (#)

GCC has changed its internal API in the last few years, and some older CPU architectures are in danger of being left behind. Including AVR for the Atmel CPUs used on many Arduino boards.

There’s a bounty to fund updating GCC AVR to ensure ongoing support.

Sun Feb 23 04:13:29 +0000 2020 (#)

Bounty to modernize GCC AVR (Atmel/Arduino) support is at about $1.1k; another CPU type got the work done when the bounty reached about $5k. Which feels like an achievable target 🤔

Sun Feb 23 04:43:05 +0000 2020 (#)

You are standing in front of the Kawaiicon II website.

There is a [cfp] link to the south. It looks like it leads to a Google form.

What do you want to do next?


Sun Feb 23 06:22:22 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @kawaiiconNZ: What you are seeing is real - the Kawaiicon II: ORIGINS CFP is live! Race on over to the website a…

Sun Feb 23 20:09:42 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @herauthon and @Yes_I_Know_IT

AFAICT the problem is almost all currently used CPUs have been converted to the new GCC API. So upstream GCC is likely to discard non-upgraded architectures in a new major versions, and eventually stop supporting older GCC versions.

Sun Feb 23 20:12:47 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @herauthon and @Yes_I_Know_IT

Arduino / AVR could stick to old GCC for a while, but eventually that’ll get hard to keep installable everywhere/current.

They could also fork GCC, but that’s a lot of work too😃

US$5k (ish) to forward port AVR support in GCC feels like best option to me for ongoing support.

Mon Feb 24 05:26:50 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @herauthon

Sorry I don’t know the status of GCC in NetBSD or your Compaq EVO. But yes it looks like anything not updated to current GCC API / recent GCC versions (8ish) will be left behind sometime in the next year or so.

Mon Feb 24 05:34:17 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @Yes_I_Know_IT

clang definitely supports more architectures than it did say 5-6 years ago. But it too depends on someone wanting the backend working and putting in the development time. So the new clang architectures are mostly newer ones.

Ideally current CPUs would be in GCC and clang...

Tue Feb 25 02:39:45 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @tveastman: If you think coronavirus is bad now, wait till it hits a country where people are afraid to go to the doctor because they do…

Tue Feb 25 03:31:07 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @Dereklowe: (11/11) Norms and rules are important. Once you start bending them, breaking them, ignoring them, it's hard to get back to t…

Wed Feb 26 00:17:07 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @LeeFlower: Hello! We asked you to make a secure password! Now, we're going to ask you to make an additional password, which can be used…

Wed Feb 26 21:18:23 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @insomniasec: New blog post from @zantedotnz on gaining a root shell on the PlayStation Classic with the use of hardware hacking techniq…

Wed Feb 26 22:02:53 +0000 2020 (#)

Looks like @NZInlandRevenue have strong “ticket closed on time” game: wait N-1 days, reply with two lines of irrelevant questions/information, provide no way to reply to message so user has to make a new ticket. Bonus N working days to ignore the actual simple request 🙁

Wed Feb 26 22:08:21 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @NZInlandRevenue

“Due to high customer demand your call cannot be connected” and a redirect to the website where they can more easily ignore your request.

I guess their phone system is not provisioned to handle the “50 minute” waiting time (listed on their website) 😂

Wed Feb 26 22:14:16 +0000 2020 (#)

The same IRD messaging interface that blocks replies to messages, also prevents you having more than one window/tab open to the site at once. So good luck copying from your previous message.

I didn’t think they could make a worse UI than the previous version, but they managed!

Wed Feb 26 23:21:09 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @NZInlandRevenue

I did message IRD through myiR. Three weeks ago. Which got an irrelevant question and an unhelpful statement as an answer today, failing completely to do what I requested.

I have sent another myIR message this morning, and am crossing my fingers IRD completes my simple request.

Wed Feb 26 23:23:35 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @NZInlandRevenue

Perhaps fewer people would need to call IRD if IRD staff actually helped when requested via myIR.

Or maybe you could order sufficient phone lines, and hire sufficient staff to handle things via phone, if that’s the only way to get things done.

Thu Feb 27 04:16:37 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @SimoneGiertz: Video on how I built it here:

Fri Feb 28 02:31:39 +0000 2020 (#)

NZ based rapid prototype PCB manufacturer. Looks like they can do single or double sided boards. Could be handy for simple parts/connector breakouts if you need them soon (and without expensive overseas couriers).

Via @__fincham (thanks for the heads up!)

Fri Feb 28 02:38:04 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @sophaskins: if you don’t work with networks it can be difficult to truly understand how terrifying one of these is…

Fri Feb 28 04:07:35 +0000 2020 (#)

Replying to @__fincham

Yes, solder mask and lots of flux makes for magic circuit board assembly.

Unfortunate that those ones (which sound like they’re milled) don’t have solder mask. For larger pitch breakouts it’s possible to work around no solder mask, but more painful.

Fri Feb 28 05:46:23 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @textfiles: I also saw OXYANA at Tribeca Film Festival. It's the longest of the docs and should be exhibit A in the trisl where we throw…

Fri Feb 28 07:41:41 +0000 2020 (#)

Surprise find of “Designing Video Game Hardware in Verilog”: it references an online Verilog IDE/simulator that has all the examples, and the IDE/simulator is open source so you can run it on your own machine too (NodeJS) 💙💚💜

Fri Feb 28 08:01:39 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @jsrnz: @__fincham Fun fact: The first experimental ATM-terminated Frame Relay circuit outside of Telecom NZ was to my house in Henderso…

Fri Feb 28 08:05:19 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @minhealthnz: Kia ora koutou - late this afternoon we were informed of a #COVID19 case in New Zealand. The New Zealand Health System is…

Fri Feb 28 21:24:21 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @AllenPestaluky: IT WORKED FIRST TRY!!!

Over the last week I started working on a vector based game engine that outputs sound waves tha…

Fri Feb 28 21:29:59 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @unnamed_show: New episode is out! High Molarity Rants with the one and only @johndmcmaster!

Fri Feb 28 22:10:01 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @heyjulesfern: Boiled this out of some observations of code reviews across multiple orgs and teams. Lower right is my home quadrant but…

Fri Feb 28 22:30:14 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @longnow: We are saddened to hear of the passing of the groundbreaking theoretical physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson: https://t.…

Fri Feb 28 23:14:27 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @Stephen_Barry: @RichardWiseman this is one of the best I’ve seen...... The cubes are NOT moving....

Sat Feb 29 04:00:29 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @HickeyWriter: Thread. I have always argued that this is why autistic kids fail the Sally-Anne test. Not because we "have no theory…

Sat Feb 29 04:32:52 +0000 2020 (#)

RT @ehashdn: You still have a couple more days to update your membership or sign up anew to ensure you can vote in the election!

Make your…